Item Information
Stats: + 65 Attack Power
+ 10 Armor Penetration
Cost: Bullets-coin3550 (620)
Refund: Bullets-coin2485
Limit: 1


Shatterstorm's heads spin around you, each dealing Physical Damage to the first enemy struck and applying a stacking Armor reduction buff for a short duration.

Physical Damage: 100 (+ 25% of your Attack Power)

Active Duration: 8

Armor Reduction: 6.67%

Enemy Duration: 4

Spawn Count: 3

Cooldown: 40.0


Your basic attacks splash, dealing Physical Damage in an area around the target.

Melee Splash Damage (Physical): 50%

Ranged Splash Damage (Physical): 20%

Radius: 0.8


ItemIcon-BasicAttackPowerMedium-NormalLongsword Bullets-coin920

ItemIcon-FlatPhysicalArmorPenetration-Normal Piercing Shiv Bullets-coin1550

ItemIcon-BasicAttackPowerSmall-Normal Short Sword Bullets-coin460


A massive flail that deals damage to all within reach.

Patch History:Edit

Recipe changed to Long Sword + Piercing Shiv + Short Sword + 620 gold from Long Sword + Long Sword + Short Sword + 950 gold
Total cost increased to 3550 from 3250
Now grants 10 Armor Penetration
Splash Damage radius increased to 0.8 from 0.7
Splash Damage percentage increased to 50% for Melee attacks and reduced to 20% for Ranged attacks, from 30% for Melee and 15% for Ranged
Now has Active: Shatterstorm's 3 heads spin around you, each dealing 100 (+0.25 AP) Physical Damage to the first enemy struck and applying a stacking 6.67% Armor reduction buff for 4 seconds. 40 second cooldown.

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