Short Sword
Item Information
Stats: + 10 Attack Power
Cost: Bullets-coin460
Refund: Bullets-coin322

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-AttackFocusedMovementSpeed Nimbus Sword Bullets-coin1385

ItemIcon-QuestFocusPhysicalDamage-Normal Adventurer's Bow Bullets-coin1350

ItemIcon-OnHitSlow-Normal Frosty Mace Bullets-coin1330

ItemIcon-MagicDamageShieldSword-Normal Runic Sword Bullets-coin1445

ItemIcon-PendulumAxe-Normal Pendulum Axe Bullets-coin1250

Lance Valiant Lance Bullets-coin1015

ItemIcon-ScalarPhysicalArmorPenetration-Normal The Sharpest Edge Bullets-coin2770

ItemIcon-DoomPendulum-Normal Doom Pendulum Bullets-coin3975

ItemIcon-SplashDamageWeapon-Normal Shatterstorm Bullets-coin3550


A basic sword, relied upon by knights and footmen.

Patch History:Edit

No longer builds into ItemIcon-LeaderOfThePack-Normal Leader of the Pack Bullets-coin2715
Name changed to 'Short Sword' from 'Shortsword.'
Builds Into:
ItemIcon-AttackFocusedMovementSpeed Nimbus Sword Bullets-coin1385
No longer builds into:
ItemIcon-MageBlade-Normal Blade of the Magi (2840 Gold)

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