Skinning Knife
Item Information
Rarity: Uncommon Gear
Cost: 1 Gear Point
Market: [1]


Recover Health and Mana upon killing Large neutral monsters, and a lesser amount of Health and Mana upon killing smaller ones.

Upon Killing Large Neutral Monsters:Edit

Heal: 8

Mana Restored: 8

Upon Killing Smaller Neutral Monsters:Edit

Heal: 2

Mana Restored: 2

Material Required for Crafting:Edit

HeroGearRecipe-Survivalist-SmallIcon Recipe: Skinning Knife (x 1)

Ingredient-YellowedTusk-SmallIcon Yellowed Tusk (x 4)

Ingredient-BloodPhial-SmallIcon Blood Phial (x 4)

Ingredient-SylvanhoofAntler-SmallIcon Sylvanhoof Antler (x 1)


To survive the wilds you must embrace their offering.


Patch History:Edit

Skinning Knife now restores 8 Health and 8 Mana upon killing large neutral monsters and 2 Health and 2 Mana upon killing small neutral monsters instead of 10 (+1 per level) Health and 5 (+.5 per level) Mana upon killing any neutral monster.
Lore changed to To survive the wilds you must embrace their offering.
Former lore: To survive the wilds, you must embrace its many offerings.

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