Slaughter is a jungle-based glyph that grants Heroes additional damage when fighting neutral monsters.


Passive: Your abilities and basic attacks deal bonus damage to neutral monsters.

Active: Deals Pure Damage that scales with your experience level to the targeted minion or monster, and provides a small bounty of gold.


Level 2:Edit


Slaughter - Low CooldownEdit

Low Cooldown: Shortens Slaughter's Cooldown by a moderate amount.



Slaughter - Passive DamageEdit

Passive Damage: Increases the bonus damage dealt with your abilities and basic attacks against neutral monsters.

Level 3:Edit


Slaughter - Epic AssaultEdit

Epic Assault: Upon first damaging an Epic neutral monster, grant yourself and nearby allied heroes a bonus to basic attack damage against it for a short duration.



Slaughter - Gank BonusEdit

Gank Bonus: Upon killing a neutral monster, gain bonus Pure Damage on your next basic attack against an enemy hero.


Slaughter is a singularly focused glyph; for the most part you will be choosing between different sources and types of damage, three focused on neutral monsters and one on enemy Heroes.

  • If your character is strong enough to survive the early-game jungle without additional Passive Damage, it might be a good idea to take the Low Cooldown upgrade instead. Every time you use the glyph you will gain ten additional gold, and you will drastically increase your "camp clear" time as you can effectively ignore (i.e. immediately kill) at least one enemy every few camps.
  • That being said, the Passive Damage upgrade is a much stronger choice for the late-game, as it increases your damage based on a percentage (i.e., it becomes more valuable with items and levels), and can help against deadly quest monsters like the Dragon. It's also interesting to point out that given completely optimal use of the Slaughter ability in a 30 minute game, Low Cooldown will only grant 60 additional gold. Up that to a full hour, and you're still only looking at a difference of 120 gold, not even enough to buy a ItemIcon-PortalScroll-Normal Portal Scroll.
  • The choice between the Epic Assualt and Gank Bonus upgrades is a bit clearer. What do you enjoy most about jungling? If you like taking down the Hydra, battling the Dragon, or soloing the Troll and Wisps at level 5, this is the upgrade for you. On the other hand if you like roaming across the map and popping out of the jungle to attack enemy Heroes, the Gank Bonus can be a nice source of additional damage—Pure Damage ignores Armor and Magic Resistance. (Granted, the max 50 bonus damage probably won't make too many enemies quake in their
    ItemIcon-BasicMovementSpeed-Normal Commoner's Boots.)
  • Slaughter's active can be used on wave minions as well as neutral monsters. If you find yourself babysitting an ally's lane, use Slaughter to snipe the Wave Siege, earning 50+ gold in one fell swoop and pushing the minion wave towards the enemy tower. This is especially valuable for Junglers like Grugg, who rely on abilities rather than basic attacks.

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