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'''Time Limit''': 10:00 minutes
'''Time Limit''': 10:00 minutes
'''Objective''': Destroy
'''Buffs''': [[Buffs#Molten Breath|Molten Breath]]
'''Buffs''': [[Buffs#Molten Breath|Molten Breath]]

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Recruit Dragon Slayers from the shadow of your Keep, and head into the forest to defeat the mighty wurm within.

Time Limit: 10:00 minutes

Buffs: Molten Breath

Special Units: Dragon Slayer, Siege Dragon

Misc. Bonuses: N/A


Gold: N/A

Item: Dragonheart Gauntlet


  • At the start of the Quest return to your Keep to recruit Dragon Slayers, Quest-specific minions that will fight beside you (but only against the Dragon). When these units die, you can recruit another pair by returning to your Keep.
  • With powerful attacks and one of the strongest debuffs in the game (Molten Breath), the Siege Dragon is a devastating foe. Very few Heroes can fight one single-handed, even with the aid of the Dragon Slayers. Junglers should strongly consider investing in the "Epic Assault" upgrade for Slaughter, as well as "Team Shield" upgrade for Bulwark.
  • While the Siege Dragon is immune to crowd control, it is not immune to other debuffs. Apply as many as you can and cross your fingers.
  • It is important to manage "aggro" from the Siege Dragon. Molten Breath will stack on a Hero until they are extremely vulnerable to damage. Heroes should take turns drawing the Dragon's ire then retreating to heal and lose the debuff. Note that if the Siege Dragon completely de-aggros it may reset, and all of your hard-won damage will be lost.
  • Thanks to Molten Breath, the Siege Dragon can completely change the course of any team fights that happen around it. If you are the second team to the dragon, try to find enemy Heroes with Molten Breath stacks (they will appear to be on fire), and take advantage of the debuff while you can.
  • To avoid  Molten Breath stacks as well as ambushes, key damage dealers should consider attacking the dragon from within nearby Brush.
  • Killing the dragon provides 350 gold to the entire team. There is no other gold bounty for the Quest.
  • The Dragonheart Gauntlet awarded for completing the quest deals Magic Damage based on a percentage of the enemy's current Health. Try to target the enemies with relatively high health whenever this damage is available.
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