Soul Ripper
Item Information
Stats: + 30 Special Power
+ 45% Attack Speed
Cost: Bullets-coin2675 (775)
Refund: Bullets-coin1873
Limit: 1

Passive On Hit Effect:Edit

Your basic attacks deal bonus Magic Damage.

Magic Damage: 30 (+ 10% of your Special Power)

Unique Passive On Hit Effect:Edit

Your basic attacks reduce your target's Magic Resistance for a short duration. This effect can stack up to four times.

Magic Resistance Reduction: 6

Max Stacks: 4

Duration: 5


ItemIcon-BasicSpecialPowerSmall-Normal Apprentice Wand Bullets-coin450

ItemIcon-BasicAttackCooldownRateLarge-Normal Rapier Bullets-coin1450


A scythe that cuts through the physical plane, into the realm of the soul.

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