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Soul Snare

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{{Item Infobox
[[File:ItemIcon-SoulCatcher-Normal.jpg|thumb|Orza's Soul Net]]
|image = ItemIcon-SoulCatcher-Normal.jpg
|stats = + 50 [[Special Power]] <br>+ 250 [[Mana]] <br>+ 2.0 [[Mana Regeneration|Mana/sec]]
|cost = [[File:Bullets-coin.png|link=]]2700 (1020)
|refund value= [[File:Bullets-coin.png|link=]]1890
|limit = 1
1890 refund
''Gain Special Power, maximum Mana, and Mana Regeneration for each hero or minion killed.''
[[Special Power]] (per stack): + 1
+ 60 Special Power
[[Mana|Max Mana]] (per stack): + 5
+ 325 Mana
[[Mana Regeneration|Mana/sec]] (per stack): + 0.06
+ 2.1 Mana/sec
Max Stacks: 50
''Gain Special Power and Mana Regeneration for each hero or minion killed. Half of the bonuses are lost upon death.''
Only one '[[:Category:Soul Snare|Soul Snare]]' Item may be equipped at once.
Special Power (per stack): + 2
Mana/sec (per stack): + 0.1
[[File:ItemIcon-Premeditation-Normal.jpg|73px|link=|Mage Staff]] [[Mage Staff]] [[File:Bullets-coin.png|link=]]900
Max Stacks: 30
[[File:ItemIcon-BasicMaxManaPointsSmall-Normal.jpg|73px|link=]] [[Circlet of Mana]] [[File:Bullets-coin.png|link=]]380
Limit: 1
[[File:ItemIcon-BasicManaPointRestoreRateLarge-Normal.jpg|73px|link=]] [[Renewing Amulet]] [[File:Bullets-coin.png|link=]]400
==Transforms Into:==
[[File:ItemIcon-BeadOfInspiration-Normal.jpg|73px|link=|Bead of Inspiration]] [[Bead of Inspiration]] [[File:Bullets-coin.png|link=]]1155
[[File:Binder.jpg|73px|link=]][[Orza's Soulbinder]] (Upon gaining Max Stacks)
[[File:ItemIcon-Premeditation-Normal.jpg|73px|link=|Mage Staff]] [[Mage Staff]] [[File:Bullets-coin.png|link=]]925
==Former Stats:==
''Souls are the currency of the gods, and those who would become one.''
==[[Release Notes|Patch History]]:==
Formerly named Orza's Soul Net
{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"
! ([[39436]])
| Introduced in Patch [[39436]]
==See Also:==
Former Passive:
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''Gain 2 Special Power and 0.1 Mana Regen/sec for each hero or minion kill. Max bonus of 60 Special Power and 3 Mana Regen/sec. Half the bonuses are lost upon death.''
Shop.jpg|[[Shop Items|Return to Shop Items Page]]|link=
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[[Category:Mana Regeneration]]
[[Category:Items with Passive Effect]]
[[Category:Items with Stacking Bonus]]
[[Category:Soul Snare]]
[[Category:Items that Transform]]
[[Category:Shop Items]]
[[Category:Items with Limit]]
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