Soul Snare
Item Information
Stats: + 50 Special Power
+ 250 Mana
+ 2.0 Mana/sec
Cost: Bullets-coin.png2700 (1020)
Refund: Bullets-coin.png1890
Limit: 1

Passive:[edit | edit source]

Gain Special Power, maximum Mana, and Mana Regeneration for each hero or minion killed.

Special Power (per stack): + 1

Max Mana (per stack): + 5

Mana/sec (per stack): + 0.06

Max Stacks: 50

Note:[edit | edit source]

Only one 'Soul Snare' Item may be equipped at once.

Components:[edit | edit source]

Mage Staff Mage Staff Bullets-coin.png900

ItemIcon-BasicMaxManaPointsSmall-Normal.jpg Circlet of Mana Bullets-coin.png380

ItemIcon-BasicManaPointRestoreRateLarge-Normal.jpg Renewing Amulet Bullets-coin.png400

Transforms Into:[edit | edit source]

Binder.jpgOrza's Soulbinder (Upon gaining Max Stacks)

Lore:[edit | edit source]

Souls are the currency of the gods, and those who would become one.

Patch History:[edit | edit source]

Introduced in Patch 39436

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