Spectral Lord Dekain
Item Information
Rarity: Mythical Skin
Cost: $7.99

Crafting Components:Edit

HeroSkinRecipe-PlagueBringer-Pirate-SmallIcon Recipe: Spectral Lord Dekain (x 1)

Ingredient-CottonThread-SmallIcon Cotton Thread (x 10)

Ingredient-ImperialBrocade-SmallIcon Imperial Brocade (x 6)

Ingredient-RottenCorpse-SmallIcon Rotten Corpse (x 4)

Ingredient-SoulCage-SmallIcon Soul Cage (x 3)

Ingredient-PillarsCrest-SmallIcon Pillar's Crest (x 2)


Even without his rotting cage of flesh and bile, Dekain is a cruel shade of the Pillar he was once.

Unique Notes:Edit

Spectral Lord Dekain has custom voice effects and some of his abilities have unique effects.


Patch History:Edit

New paintings and UI elements for: Lord Dekain - Spectral
Added effects for Spectral Lord Dekain.
Added some custom dialog for his Spectral skin.

See Also:Edit

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