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==Crafting Components:==
==Crafting Components:==
[[Recipe: Stoneguard Beroth]] (x 1)
[[Recipe: Stoneguard Beroth|<span style="color:#7a9300;">Recipe: Stoneguard Beroth</span>]] (x 1)
[[Moss]] (x 8)
[[Moss]] (x 8)

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Stoneguard Beroth


The only thing capable of cracking Beroth's stony shell are the roots of the seed hidden within.


Rare Skin



Crafting Components:

Recipe: Stoneguard Beroth (x 1)

Moss (x 8)

Subterranean Stone (x 4)

Stinging Vines (x 3)

Bottled Sprite (x 2)

Life Seed (x 1)

Unique Notes:

Stoneguard Beroth has some additional rock sounds.

Flailing Vines has a rocky appearance.