Having trouble or need help with an issue? This page is a work in progress with the resources needed to troubleshoot Sins of a Dark Age issues.

Using Github for Bug ReportsEdit

Github allows us to submit bug reports with screenshots in a way that can be tracked easily by the development team.  The progress of each bug can be seen here, and when it is resolved it can be closed.

Finding a Log FileEdit

This page will help you locate the Log files from your gaming session.  The log files are important in tracking down bugs.

Replacing the Setting FolderEdit

Occasionally some files can become corrupt with strange results.  One temporary solution can be to backup and delete the Setting folder.

Finding your Steam IDEdit

When there is an error connected to your Steam account, such as an inventory error, finding your Steam ID allows the developers to fix any problems.

Common Error MessagesEdit

Dealing with Bad Behavior and HarassmentEdit

Founders and Early Access HelpEdit

Basic Support and TipsEdit

Verify Integrity of Game CacheEdit

Checking Your Steam Cloud SettingsEdit

Manually Finding Crash DMP FilesEdit

Reporting Suspicious or Automated BehaviorEdit

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