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Reward: 150 gold
Reward: 150 gold, [[Plague Blade]]
Time Limit: 10 minutes
Time Limit: 10 minutes

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Reward: 150 gold, Plague Blade

Time Limit: 10 minutes

Plague Veric, Plague Veric Underling

Quest Info

Seek out and exterminate infected verics in the forest, gathering their pelts to deploy a plague against your enemies. Kill enemy heroes to steal a third of their collected pelts.


During the Veric Plague Quest, you tend to get swarmed by about 10+ Verics. Some heroes deal with these swarms much better than others.

Here are some of my opinions on heroes during this quest and the best abilities to use to kill these enemies quickly. (Some of these may be outdated.)



Almost all of her abilities are useful for this quest. I use Immolation on some of the larger ones. Dragon's Breath is a must, and at level 6, Meteor Storm makes quick work of the critters. Do to its short cooldown, I use Meteor Storm all the time. Smoke Screen can be used to add a bit of AoE magic damage or as an escape if you get overwhelmed.


I seem to have trouble with Bataar for this quest. Battle Focus, his passive, probably helps his survivability. Rallying Charge is helpful for Attack Damage, but Dazing Blow is mostly used for heroes or large jungle creeps, not swarms of verics. Probably not the best hero, for this quest, but if you find something that works, post here!


Renewing Carapace helps survivability. Flailing Vines is a must, as is the minor splash Magic damage from Power Crush's hit. I suppose in an emergency, Sap Flood is good to regain your health. I'm not sure of its cooldown, so it may be a waste to use it.


Lunging Sweep and Intimidating Leap are your best bets, with leading with Leap. Unless you think you will be ganked, proccing Furious Attacks might speed things up.


I have a tough time with Ermuk on this quest. His only AoE ability is Razor Vine Trap, and I do not know how many times it hits. May be best to avoid this quest as Ermuk.


Pummel, Guarded Stance, and in an emergency, Ground Pound, are all good choices. Pummel is so satisfying when all the hits connect!


Blinding Arrow is probably your best bet as AoE and as an escape. Deft Hands may be useful if you don't get surrounded. Volley only hits three though.


All of Lassidar's abilities are great for this quest. Chain Lightning and Thunder Clap for damage. Static Field for a little bit more oomph to your basic attacks and a mild snare with its charged version. And Tempest will make quick work of verics in an emergency.


All of his abilities are also effective on this quest. Landslide works both as damage and as an escape. Stone Shield helps the surrounding aspect and is a good AoE, and a Tremor can knock a bunch of verics out as well. Epicenter will also be super effective, but it may be overkill and not needed.

Lord Dekain

Dekain only has one really effective combo, which is Choking Breath followed by a Swarm. Contagion only hits one enemy, so unless you luck out and spread it to another enemy, it's best to rely on Choking Breath. Toxic Bile would work fabulously against mass verics, but it is up to you if you want to use a level 6 ability against them.


(Rachna has been changed, might be obsolete.) If you are a Rachna player, feel free to edit this. Rachna is not suited too well for this quest. Yes, her Cavernlings can help soak up the damage for a bit, but they only swarm one Veric at a time, all the while getting swarmed themselves by the Verics. Unstable Brood and Chitin Shield are probably best used as an escape mechanism if you get surrounded, and Terror From Below won't hit too many verics even in an emergency, so I would not recommend wasting it.


Thorn Barrage makes quick work of them. His Grasping Roots aren't too bad either!


Skalla has trouble as she is best against single targets. Not much AoE, but she may have to rely on pure attack speed and attack power.


Slag has a great advantage here. All his abilities are great for this quest.


Slivus can use Ravage to hit a bunch and heal. Use Lethal Strike to run away. Try to get into the nearby brush to take advantage of his passive.


Piercing Bolt and Triple Shot. Rocket Bolt to safety.


Might of the Empire is your best bet.


Not the best idea, but in an emergency Faerie Ring can help a bit. But not recommended as a whole since she can't deal with all of the verics.


Detonate makes quick work!
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