Thorndrake Beroth
Item Information
Rarity: Mythical Skin
Cost: $7.99

Crafting Components:

HeroSkinRecipe-Mandrake-Turtle-SmallIcon Recipe: Thorndrake Beroth (x 1)

Ingredient-HydraSpine-SmallIcon Hydra Spine (x 6)

Ingredient-SunkenRoots-SmallIcon Sunken Roots (x 4)

Ingredient-StingingVines-SmallIcon Stinging Vines (x 3)

Ingredient-DragonScale-SmallIcon Dragon Scale (x 2)

Ingredient-LifeSeed-SmallIcon Life Seed (x 2)


The forest given flesh, shell, and thorn.

Unique Notes:

Flailing Vines has a unique Thorn look.


Patch History:

Added new painting and UI artwork.
Added Hero Trait screenshot
Updated placeholder Thorndrake Beroth HUD textures to reflect his new colour scheme.
Thorndrake skin retextured and model updated.

See Also:

HeroCloseupLarge-Mandrake-Default-Normal Beroth (Hero Overview)

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