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Set siege to the enemy towers! The first team to destroy a tower will temporarily increase the defenses of every friendly tower in the lane.

Optional: Kill Wood Imps in the forest to gather the materials needed to build an Advanced Catapult.

Time Limit: 8:00 minutes

Objective: Destroy

Buffs: Siege Reward Bonus

Special Units: Advanced Catapult

Bonuses: Fighting near the tower with the lowest health earns players additional gold and experience


Gold: N/A

Buffs: Fortified

Misc: N/A


  • There are four Wood Imp camps in the jungle. Each of them flanks an Outer Tower in the middle lane. As a result, it's easiest to farm Wood Imps from mid to create an Advanced Catapult. Two full Wood Imp camps yield enough materials to build the special unit.
  • Advanced Catapults have a greater range than normal Wave Sieges and even the towers they're attacking! Try to find a spot in Brush or over the jungle wall where Advanced Catapults can attack the towers without drawing minion aggro.
  • The "Siege Reward Bonus" buff is applied as an aura to all Heroes in range of the tower with the lowest health (one tower per team). It increases experience and gold earned by 15%. This is an especially valuable boon to Heroes defending their towers, as they are more likely to focus on clearing minions and killing Heroes. It should also encourage attacking teams to focus their efforts on the weakest tower.
  • While the Quest is active all towers receive a shared damage shield as well as the Fortified buff. As a result, it is extremely hard to push a tower in the early game, especially as a solo Hero. Armor Penetration helps negate the Fortified buff, but even then it will most likely take the efforts of a handful of Heroes to chew through a tower's Health.
  • There is no gold reward for the quest, as destroying towers already provides a team-wide bounty.