An ornery Troll has stolen a merchant’s goods, escaping with a chest to a nearby cave. Defeat him and carry the treasure back to the merchant to earn a reward for your team.

Time Limit: 9:00 minutes

Objectives: Destroy; Deliver

Buffs: Treasure BearerTroll's Regeneration

Special Units: Troll (Quest), Merchant

Pickups: Troll's Treasure

Misc. Bonuses: N/A


Gold: 600

Item: N/A


  • The Troll can be found on a plateau in the southeast corner of the map. He provides a bounty of 155 gold to whoever kills him, as well as the Troll's Regeneration buff. This makes him a valuable objective in his own right.
  • The Troll is a powerful unit, the equivalent of an epic monster. If you are not a damage dealer you may struggle to kill him yourself. Try to get your teammates to help.
  • Right click the Troll's Treasure and you will pick it up. The "Treasure Bearer" buff will automatically be applied, slowing your Movement Speed. 
  • Heroes with the "Treasure Bearer" buff cannot Recall, use Portal Scrolls, or the Portal glyph. On top of that they are dramatically slowed. Therefore, it wise to give the chest to hardy Heroes (Bruisers or Tanks) who have glyphs, abilities, and items that grant them bonus Movement Speed.
  • The Merchant has set up shop at the northwest corner of the map. If you do not have the Troll's Treasure, it is wise to set up an ambush in the ample Brush provided on the plateau, or in the jungle on the way to the Merchant.
  • If you are ambushed while carrying the Troll's Treasure you can drop the treasure by clicking the icon below the Quest Item window. This will allow you to move freely to attack and defend. 
  • The Troll's Treasure is also dropped on death; if the other team acquires it, you should target whoever has the chest, indicated by an icon over their head. 
  • You can interrupt Heroes trying to return the treasure to the Merchant by dealing damage to them. This is an excellent strategy if you are outnumbered near the Merchant or in an otherwise weak position. Dart in and out of the Brush and fog of war, slinging abilities and basic attacks. Damage over time abilities (or DOTs) are especially useful in this situation.
  • If you are the teammate of a Hero trying to return the Troll's Treasure, try to place yourself between the Hero and attackers so you can intercept any skillshots that would interrupt the process. Better yet, attack nearby enemies to drive them away!
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