Troll (Jungle)
Troll spoon
Unit Information
Stats: Attack Power: 84 (+ 14 / level)
Attack Speed: 0.34 (0.45 at Night)
Health: 1670 (+ 280 / level)
Armor: 32 (12 at Night)
Magic Resistance: 12
Movement Speed: 3.12
Gold: Bullets-coin94 (+ 4.3 / level)
Experience: 328.5 (+ 14.5 / level)
Member of: Troll camp Troll Camp

Buff Reward:

BuffIcon-Ability-TrollsMight Troll's Might:




BuffIcon-Ability-Creep-Troll-StoneSkin-DayStats Stone Skin:


BuffIcon-Creep-Troll-ClubSmash Clobber:


Enemy Attack Speed: - 30%

Duration: 4


Rumored to have once been human, Trolls search for treasure wherever it can be found.


Patch History:

New ability: Stone Skin - During the Day the Troll's skin turns to stone, granting bonus Armor but reducing Attack Speed.
New ability: Clobber - After a short wind up, the Troll strikes the ground with its club. Enemies in the area take Physical Damage and have their Attack Speed reduced for a short time.
South Troll now has a unique weapon (bone club) as compared to the North Troll who is carrying a catapult arm.

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