Troll Camp
Troll camp
Unit Information
First Spawn Time: 1:30
Respawn Time: 300 seconds
Number: 2 Camps
Total Gold: Bullets-coin110 per Camp (initial)
Total Exp: 390.1 per Camp (initial)
Contains: Troll spoon Troll (x 1)

Frill Frillspitter (x 2)


Trolls are enormous humanoid monstrosities who tower over everything in the Sunken Forest short of the Hydra. Frillspitters are fierce avian creatures that resemble mutated ostriches with jagged sharp edges and bulbous venom sacs. There are two Troll Camps on the map that each contain a Troll and two Frillspitters.

Buff Reward:Edit

BuffIcon-Ability-TrollsMight Troll's Might:

Grants the killing hero increased Health Regeneration for a moderation duration.

Health/sec: + 1.0 (+ 0.5 / level)

Duration: 150

That hero's basic attacks also apply a slow effect on their target.

Slow: 20%

Duration: 3


Patch History:Edit

The Wisps that accompanied the Troll have been replaced by Frillspitters which are fierce avian predators that spit a potent venom.
Broken altar added.

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