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A unique feature to Sins of a Dark Age is its take on Twitch integration. Viewers are able to see who is streaming the game from inside the client, and streamers are potentially able to receive additional perks for streaming Sins of a Dark Age.

How to View Twitch Streams:

Watch button.png

On the front page, click on the Watch button to access a page where you can see any players who are currently streaming Sins of a Dark Age. You can either click on any of these players' stream names and press "Watch Stream" or double click its name and you will automatically be redirected to the stream of your choice through your default browser. A little banner with a number is also present on the Watch tab button, so you are able to see at a glance how many streamers are currently active.

Viewer Perks:

Sins of a Dark Age Twitch streamers can now give gifts to viewers. Each official streamer will receive a special button that will randomly select a valid viewer and give them a Sins of a Dark Age gift. These may include crafting material bundles, recipes, or even a Hero Skin! The more viewers you have the better the reward. Once used, the gifting power will go on cooldown. We hope this will help tighten the relationship between streamer, viewer and Soada. To be eligible for a gift a viewer must own Soada, have logged into Twitch at least once from Soada, and must not be Viced. Developers are also blocked from receiving gifts.

As this is a new concept, you should expect further improvements, reward adjustments, viewer threshold adjustments and other balancing changes. We would appreciate as much feedback as possible.

Directions to Become an Official Streamer:

To become an official streamer please write or contact a developer directly. Please include your Steam account name and your Twitch account name.

You must also log into Twitch from within Soada (options->Twitch) at least once.

Official streamers are expected to behave politely and professionally during their streams and when playing Soada. We reserve the right to revoke your official streaming status.