Players who follow the @SinsofaDarkAge Twitter account can become eligible to receive a one-time free Twitter Loyalty Chest.

How to Set Up a Twitter Account:Edit

You first need to set up a Twitter Account. Simply go to to set one up.

How to Follow @SinsofaDarkAge:Edit

Once you have set up your Twitter account, you can either go to via an external browser or do the following if you wish to set it up in-game:

To get to the Twitter icon on the front end, make sure you have clicked the Sins of a Dark Age home page:

Twitter 1

Then near the bottom right is the Twitter icon.

Twitter 2

Once you find its Twitter page, simply press Follow on this page to follow @SinsofaDarkAge:

Twitter 5

How to Receive Your Twitter Loyalty Chest:Edit

Once you have set up Twitter and are following @SinsofaDarkAge, simply go to Profile:

Twitter 3

and you can then go to Extras to type in your Twitter account here:

2015-04-09 00010

Verifying If You Received Your Chest:Edit

Registering will give you an immediate Twitter Loyalty Chest which will be in your Inventory:

2015-04-09 00011

which can contain a random piece of Hero Gear.

If Your Twitter Name Is in Use:Edit

If you receive this error message

Twitt 4

about your Twitter name being already in use, contact with your Twitter handle (for example @mannytheveric) and your Steam information.


You can only receive one Twitter Loyalty Chest. Replacing your Twitter handle will not grant you another.

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