• A for Aramis

    Hello there !

    For my second post about theorycrafting, I'll deal with the three adventurer's items. Are they cost efficient ? Are they completely broken ? SUCH MYSTERY, VERY SWAG ! Let's find it out !

    Like my first post, this is a cost / stat value analysis. I'm "simply" comparing the gold cost of the three Adventurer's items and the gold value of their stats.

    If you are not familiar with these items, they are finished items with a moderate cost (around 1600 gold). They give you nice stats, depending on what item you just bought (Bow, Helm or Staff), and they increase the damage you do to quest monsters. Moreover, each time your team completes a quest successfully, you get a stack, giving you a very, very nice boost to the item's stats for fr…

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  • A for Aramis

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

    As I'm a huge fan of numbers, Excel, and MOBAs, I'll try to theorycraft a little on my spare time.

    As I don't want to start with something extremely complex, this post will deal with boots. Are they worth their gold cost ? Basically, it is a simple comparison between their total purchase cost and the value of their stats. For example, the cheapest SP item, the Apprentice Wand, costs 450 gold and gives you 20 SP. You can reasonnably think than 1 SP = 22.5 gold.

    Long story short, here are my findings:



    Stats (in gold)


    Commoner's Boots 460 460 0
    Warrior Boots 1110 1228 118
    Riftwalker's Shoes 1560 828 -732
    Monk's Shoes 1440 2249 809
    Charger's Sabatons 1375 1359 -16
    Acolyte Slippers 1310 1615 305

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