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For my second post about theorycrafting, I'll deal with the three adventurer's items. Are they cost efficient ? Are they completely broken ? SUCH MYSTERY, VERY SWAG ! Let's find it out !

Like my first post, this is a cost / stat value analysis. I'm "simply" comparing the gold cost of the three Adventurer's items and the gold value of their stats.

If you are not familiar with these items, they are finished items with a moderate cost (around 1600 gold). They give you nice stats, depending on what item you just bought (Bow, Helm or Staff), and they increase the damage you do to quest monsters. Moreover, each time your team completes a quest successfully, you get a stack, giving you a very, very nice boost to the item's stats for free (3 stacks max).

Here are my findings:

NAME COST VALUE (0 stacks) ADDED VALUE/STACK VALUE (3 stacks) Profit/Loss (0 stack) Profit/Loss (3 stacks)
Adventurer's Bow 1635 1484 1087 4744 -151 3109
Adventurer's Helm 1645 1394 468 2797 -251 1152
Adventurer's Staff 1585 1785 893 4463 200 2878

  Adventurer's Bow is absolutely amazing. When you are at 0 stacks, the stats (15 AP, 10 crit chance) are not quite worth the price you pay (even if the passive will still help you against quest monsters). However, the stacks give you an incredible amount of AP (15/stack) (and a moderate amount of crit chance). As AP is quite expensive, a single stack gives more than 1k gold in stats. I truly think this item is a must have on Attack Power Carries and even on physical damage heroes who want to play offensively. If you buy this item very early in the game, its power will rise each time you beat the enemy team on a quest. With only 1 stack, the item is already completely worth it (+800g profit). If you manage to get 3 stacks (fairly easy especially mid/late game), you get an incredible item for a ridiculous price.

  Adventurer's Helm is not that awesome, but still really good. Tanky characters will get a nice item (health, health regen, armor, + increase damaged dealt and reduced damage taken to/from quest monsters) for a low cost. The item is cost efficient with only 1 stack, and is very nice once you get 3 stacks, even if it's not completely broken like the two others. I think this item is excellent from mid to early-late game. However, because of the "relatively low" value at 3 stacks, you might consider selling it for a more expensive and more powerful item in very late game.

  Adventurer's Staff is definitely the most incredible item of the set. The relatively high amound of SP you get from it at 0 stacks makes is cost efficient even with no stack ! And even if it scales a bit less than the Bow (+900g / stack instead of +1.1k), it is still completely awesome from early to late game ! I mean, even if you don't get a single stack, it's okay, the item is still worth it ! I recommend buying it on every mage or magical damage dealer. The SP is great and the flat magic penetration will be very useful against both squishies and tanks.

TL;DR: Those items are awesome, buy them ! (unless you are on the enemy team, then just buy 6 boots pls)

Balance suggestions: I don't think the strengh of those items needs to be nerfed. They are actually giving you an excellent reason to fight for quests, which are a nice asset of this game against its competitors.

However, I'd suggest those small changes, to balance the Bow and the Staff:

- Adventurer's Bow: AP per stack reduced from 15 to 10 (or 12, whatever) (item will still scales like hell, like +900g per stack, but not 1.1k)

- Adventurer's Staff: Base SP reduced from 40 to 25. Item scaling is good, but being already more than cost efficient with 0 stack is a bit weird. This is a no risk-high reward situation. Reducing base SP by 15 makes the Profit/Loss value with 0 stacks come around -150, like the bow.

- Adventurer's Helm: may need a little buff for stack stats, if you want to make it as cost efficient as the other two.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment !

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