Outnumber enemy heroes within the Valkryn’s Watch to accumulate control points. The team that reaches the point threshold first will loot some of the riches from the nearby hoard and gain control of the Watch for temporary vision of the area.

Time Limit: 7:00 minutes

Objective: Capture

Buffs: N/A

Special Units: Valkryn

Pickups: N/A

Bonuses: Heroes within Valkryn's Watch receive gold and experience over time.


Gold: 100

Buffs: N/A

Misc: The Valkryn's Watch (otherwise known as the Dragon camp) provides vision of all unstealthed units in the area for a limited time.


  • If you can get to the Watch before the other team, you have two choices: start capturing right away, or set up an ambush in the nearby Brush. Often the latter choice can lead to a better overall position, as enemies who are respawning cannot contest your control of the area. (Respawns become particularly lengthy towards the end of each match.)
  • You must outnumber the enemy Heroes to gain control points. If your numbers are the same, neither team will increase their control. 
  • The more you outnumber the enemy within the Watch, the faster you will gain control points. As a result, this quest is best tackled by multiple Heroes.
  • You can keep track over the Watch by glancing at the meter at the top of the screen. It slowly increases whenever the Watch is being captured. In other words, even if you have no vision of the area you can see when there are enemies present and plan accordingly.
  • While you are capturing unopposed, you should move constantly to dodge any skill shots cast from the fog of war. Alternatively if your Health is low you may want to continually channel the Recall spell, cancelling it before you are transported back to your Keep whenever it seems safe. If you see enemies approaching, allow the Recall spell to complete.
  • Remember that the Portal glyph works with wards. If you place a ward within the Valkryn's Watch, allied Heroes can teleport there directly. Place it in the nearby brush to provide a teleport short cut, while also protecting against ganks from the enemy team.
  • Valkryn's Watch awards the same number of control points no matter who is capturing it. If you are the weak link in your team, it may prove more useful for you to try to capture the Watch, than a teammate who could push lanes and pressure the enemy (something you could not do if your positions were switched).
  • There is limited real estate within the Watch during team fights, which means that large AOE abilities (like Atasha's "Meteor Storm") can be devastating. If you are a Mage, this is your time to shine.
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