Vampiric Plate
Item Information
Stats: + 15% Critical Strike Chance
+ 12% Life Steal
+ 55 Armor
+ 5% Cooldown Reduction
Cost: Bullets-coin3595 (745)
Refund: Bullets-coin2517
Limit: 1

Passive 1:Edit

Prevents a small amount of damage from enemy hero basic attacks.

Damage Blocked: 10

Passive 2:Edit

Your basic attacks that critically strike restore a small amount of Health and increase the damage blocked from enemy hero basic attacks for a short duration.

Max Heal (on crit): 45

Damage Blocked (on crit): 5

Passive Cooldown: 1

Duration: 3


Only one 'Attack Damage Block' item may be equipped at once.


ItemIcon-OnCriticalAttackHeal Blood Axe Bullets-coin1500

ItemIcon-OnStruckBlockDamage-Normal Ancestral Plate Bullets-coin1350


Grooves channel spilled blood into runes of power and strength.

Patch History:Edit

Base Damage Block reduced to 10 from 15
Crit proc Damage Block reduced to 5 from 10
Added a new Attack Damage Block ItemExclusivityType for use on items that reduce the amount of damage suffered from basic attacks.
Changed Max Heal (on crit): to 45 from 50

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