Item Information
Stats: + 55 Armor
+ 45 Magic Resistance
Cost: Bullets-coin2950 (1150)
Refund: Bullets-coin2065
Limit: 1


Upon losing all of your Health you will revive with partial Health and Mana after a short delay. You may move and attack for a brief duration before death takes hold again.

Heal: 50%

Mana Restored: 50%

Duration: 10

Passive Cooldown: 270


ItemIcon-BasicPhysicalArmorLarge-Normal Mail Armor Bullets-coin950

ItemIcon-BasicMagicArmorLarge-Normal Cloak of Protection Bullets-coin850


When all too often death comes quickly, vengeance must be swifter.

Patch History:Edit

Vendetta Changed from "This armor guards against death" to "When all too often death comes quickly, vengeance must be swifter." Old lore made it unclear that Vendetta does not actually prevent death.
Introduced in Patch 42872/42883

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