(Shared Gold Mechanic Among Nearby Allies:)
(Shared Gold Mechanic Among Nearby Allies:)
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==[[Gold#Shared_Gold_Mechanic:|Shared Gold Mechanic Among Nearby Allies]]:==
==[[Gold#Shared_Gold_Mechanic:|Shared Gold Mechanic Among Nearby Allies]]:==
Last hitters get a fixed amount of gold, but any nearby allied heroes will get a separate amount of gold as well. This mechanic allows for less team in-fighting and gives support players a much needed gold boost.
Last hitters always get the full value of gold, but any nearby allied heroes will earn gold from a shared pool as well. This mechanic allows for less team in-fighting and gives support players a much needed gold boost.
==[[Day and Night]] System:==
==[[Day and Night]] System:==

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The following list contains some unique features that help set Sins of a Dark Age aside from other games or features that have been widely requested and recently implemented during the Closed Beta stage of Early Access.

Free Heroes:

Heroes, both now and future, will be free for everyone who owns Sins of a Dark Age. There will be no grinding or rotating heroes needed!


Adapt your strategy as each adventure includes a series of tide-turning Quests. Fend off swarms of plague infected vermin, resurrect the undead, steal a Troll's treasure, or feed and raise a powerful Gryphon! Complete quests to earn unique advantages that you can use to crush your enemies!

Quest Rewards:

Winning Quests yields rewards such as a Valkryn scout that acts as a free ward, or healers that accompany improved mid lane wave minions, or a Gryphon ally that can help turn the tide of a battle in the bottom lane.

Reward Point System:

Earn Reward Points after every matchmade game, which yield to item drops that include Crafting Material, Recipes, Lore Pages, Chests, Hero Gear, or even Skins themselves

Craftable Skins and Hero Gear:

Using Crafting Material and Recipes, players are able to craft their own Skins and Hero Gear. Hero Gear allows players to customize their heroes with in-game bonuses such as more Health or Attack Speed or even their role or abilities with Hero specific Hero Gear.

Edit Hero Attribute Point System:

Earn an Attribute Point every level and build your Hero as you see fit! Want more Attack Power or Magic Resistance? Level up and add points in Edit Hero!

Match Wide Account Level Scaling:

Worried about enemy players that have a higher account level or have more Hero Gear? Fear not, as players are scaled to match the highest level person in the match. This scaling also accounts for Hero Gear and Attribute Points, so everyone in a match can be on an even playing field. More information can be found in section 9 here.

Per Hero Item Customization Slots:

Each hero has their own unique Gear, Attribute, and Item Builder pages. You can allocate Gear and Attributes per hero as you wish with no resepec cost! You can also set up custom item builds that can be accessed in the match to conveniently set your personal item build!

Droppable and Craftable Lore Books:

Learn more about the history and story of Sins of a Dark Age by playing the game and crafting Lore Books! Collect Lore Pages that can drop after matchmade games and craft them into a Lore Book. Each contains a unique story and more information about the Heroes of the Sunken Forest!

Adventurer's Bounty System and Adventurer Items:

Every Quest win yields to permanent buffs that improve as you win more Quests. There are even items that improve their stats with Quest wins as well!

Steam Market Integration:

Many items such as Crafting Material or Recipes can be bought and sold on the Steam Market. You can right click an inventory item to browse the Steam Market this way!

Steam Trading Integration:

Many items that drop from matchmade games can be traded with your friends! Trade Skins, Hero Gear, Recipes, Crafting Material, and more! Be sure to check out the Official Trading Subforum to help find what you are looking for!

Twitch Integration:

Manage your Twitch from in-game by logging in! Chat with your viewers, have access to broadcaster options such as timeouts and bans, give away in-game loot with enough viewers, have your stream be rated by Sins of a Dark Age players, and more!

Scrimmage Game Type Match Queuing:

Want to play a shorter 2v2 or 1v1 while waiting for a 5v5 to get ready? With the Scrimmage game types, you can play a smaller match while waiting for a larger one to begin. When the larger match is ready, you can join directly from the Scrimmage match!

Match Made 5 vs AI mode with XP and Reward Points:

Not ready to face other players or looking for a more casual experience? There is a dedicated 5 vs. AI mode with challenging AI enemies that grants both XP and Reward Points!

Multinational Server Queuing:

With servers in North America, Russia, Europe, Australia, and Brazil (with more coming), Sins of a Dark Age will be easily accessible by many players. You can also queue for whichever regions you wish to get into a game more quickly!

Try Hero Mode:

A sandbox mode that allows you to test item builds, hero abilities, and more! A great tool to use while queuing for a match!

Integrated Front End Steamworks (chat) Options:

Sins of a Dark Age is integrated from the ground up to have Steam features such as Friends list and chat features. See your friends' online status or message them directly from the client!

In-game Voice Chat (and Mute Features):

Using Steam's voice settings, you can talk to your friends and teammates using the integrated voice chat. You can toggle push to talk, mute strangers, or disable it as you wish! If players are being toxic you can also squelch their voice chat or mute/ignore them as well!

Cross Team Chat Toggle:

In addition to the muting features listed above, you can also toggle the enemy chat to not appear, which can help new players feel less intimidated or distracted.

Vice and Virtue System:

After a match you can thumbs up or thumbs down players which gives them Vice or Virtue. If a player was toxic or using bad language, Vicing them will tag that player for that specific behavior. If they get Viced enough, they can get punished for their toxicity. On the other hand, if you have a player who helped others or played well, you can Virtue them, which in time will give them special chests with free loot. Be nice and potentially get more loot!

Fellowship Bundle Program:

Have a friend who may like Sins of a Dark Age and does not yet own it? Send them a Fellowship Bundle, which gives them two chests to help incentivize getting the game and leveling up. If they play up to level 10, you get a free Virtue Level which gives a chest with loot!

In-match Glyphs System:

Choose Glyphs in-match to help expand your hero's abilities. Do you want a Damage over Time or a devastating Slow? Or how about a damage shield? Gain levels and these abilities can be upgraded during the match.

Unique Sentry Glyph and Wards:

Intelligence is key to victory. Using a dedicated warding glyph like Sentry or items that grant map vision like Wards, you are able to see where your enemy may be going and ambush them!

Dedicated Jungling Role with the Neutral Monster Bonus Items:

Junglers have access to the Offering and Slaughter Glyphs which can grant them unique buffs and the ability to further damage jungle monsters. There are also dedicated items and Hero Gear that help junglers defeat monsters further.

Shared Gold Mechanic Among Nearby Allies:

Last hitters always get the full value of gold, but any nearby allied heroes will earn gold from a shared pool as well. This mechanic allows for less team in-fighting and gives support players a much needed gold boost.

Day and Night System:

At Night, more brush called Moonbloom appears, which allows for more spots to hide and ambush your enemies. In addition, some items change, and some jungle monsters are either affected outright or become more aggressive.

Hero Emotes:

Each hero can use a taunt of sorts which gives them more personality and can add humor or insult to a match.

Sin of the Week:

You can submit highlights of matches to be potentially shown on the game's front page or social media sites!

Map Movement and Seals of Fortification:

In addition to dedicated Movement Speed items, you can use Portal Scrolls, the Portal glyph, or Riftwalker's Shoes to get into the action more quickly. There are also unique items such as Seals of Fortification which allow you to give a temporary buff to towers that are in danger, giving you more time to tackle other threats.

Six Item Slots and Two Consumable Slots:

Players can equip up to six conventional items and two Consumables. Mix and match your ideal build and be sure to have handy potions ready!

Essence Temporary Boost Items:

Buff your stats further with temporary Essence boosts! These potions can give you the edge for a short duration.

Hero/Non-Hero Targeting Mode Toggle:

Afraid of accidentally buffing the wrong unit? You can toggle between Heroes and Non-Hero units with a simple hotkey!

In-match Hero Comparison Tool and Death Summary:

Compare your hero to any other in the match by pressing C. You can compare items, attributes, Hero Gear, and more this way. You can also review how you died by pressing X.

In-depth Game Profile History and Replays:

Analyze player matches with in-depth post game information from a player's game profile. You can even download a replay of the match as well!

Advanced Casting Setup:

With the Advanced Casting system, there are multiple casting options for each ability and item. Dedicated Normal, Quickcast, or Smartcast options are available so you can play how you like. You can even toggle Quickcast to be executed when you release the mouse cursor!

Unparalleled Dev/Community Interaction:

The developers are working hard on Sins of a Dark Age daily, and fan feedback can greatly influence the direction of the game. Be sure to leave feedback here.

HUD Options and Flippable Mini Map:

Due to popular request, Soada has HUD scaling to change the size of the HUD, and players can now flip the mini map to whichever side they wish.

Focus Unit on Double Click Toggle:

Due to popular request, players can choose to disable the behavior that focuses the camera on a unit when double clicked.

Auto Attack Toggle:

Another popular request gives players the ability to turn off auto attack, giving them full control over their hero's actions.

Right Click Hold to Move Feature:

Players can now hold right click to continuously move. This was a widely requested feature that was put in due to fan feedback.

Improved Iron Engine:

Built on an improved version of Sins of a Solar Empire's engine, Soada is constantly improving with both performance and graphics tweaks with every patch!

In-Game Bug Report Feature:

Essential to any beta, you can report a bug in-game by pressing Escape and Sending a Bug Report. You can also make a post on the official Github bug tracker here.

In-game Wiki Shortcut:

Need more information on an item? Most inventory items can be right clicked in-game which allows you to view that item on the wiki with ease!

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