The Mage Slayer

A gifted assassin able to twist spells against the mages who cast them.


A gifted assassin able to twist the weave of magic, Xeros leads an army into the Sunken Forest. There he fights not for empire but for shadow - his blade the only thing standing between darkness and light.



Spell Sense

Xeros detects the use of magic by enemies within a radius, providing vision of the enemies and dealing bonus Magic Damage to detected enemies with his next basic attack.


Slayer's Mark

Xeros marks a target, granting vision and dealing Magic Damage if it is an enemy. He can then teleport to the target as a secondary action, consuming the mark and dealing additional damage. If Xeros does not teleport, the ability has a reduced cooldown.



Xeros releases a burst of energy in a short radius around him, dealing Magic Damage to all enemies nearby. Each basic attack and ability cast by Xeros prior to Detonate adds a stack up to a maximum of 5. At 5 stacks, Detonatee deals increased damage and slows affected enemies.


Counterspell Armor


Grants increased Magic Resistance.


Invokes a protective ward on Xeros. When he is next dealt Magic Damage, the ward absorbs the damage, deals Magic Damage to the caster and silences him.


Spellbane Dagger

Xeros empowers his dagger, dealing bonus Magic Damage plus damage proportional to his target's Special Power on his next three basic attacks.


Xeros's Base Stats 1-15
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Magic Resistance
Resilience 0%*
Movement Speed
Attack Power
Attack Speed
Critical Strike

0.0%* (80%)*

Armor Penetration

0%* (0)*

Life Steal

0%* (0)*

Attack Range
Mana (Regen)
Special Power 0*
Cooldown Reduction 0.0%*
Magic Penetration 0%* (0)*
Spell Vamp 0%*
* denotes a static value that does not scale with level and is only affected by items, buffs, or abilities


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Xeros' description prior to 36403 was A gifted assassin able to twist the magic used by his targets against themselves.


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